• Last updated on Jun 01, 2023

Quality Assurance Services

  • Inspection Services

    (Project & Third Party Inspection (Shop & Field Inspection)

    • Inspection of Equipment & Machinery including static equipment, site fabricated equipment, Rotary equipment (Pumps, Compressors, Blowers), Structurals, refractory Material handling equipment, Pipes &pipe- fittings etc.
    • Inspection of Electrical equipments including Alternators, power transformers, Current Transformers, HT Switchgear, Motor Control Centers, HT & LT Motors, Diesel Generators, Cables, AC/DC Distribution boards Lighting Fixtires, Flameproof / Increased Safety Electrical Equipment etc.
    • Inspection of Instruments including Distributed Digital Control System Pneumatic & Electronic Transmitter / Transducers, Receiver Instruments, control & Safety Valves, Programmable / Solid State Logic system, Gas and Liquid Analyser including Chromatograph Primarily Instruments, Instrument Fittings & Accessories.
  • Work Assessment and Evaluation of Vendors
  • Expediting of Supplies
  • Health Study
  • Non-Destructive Testing Services
    • Automatic Ultrasonic Scanning of Reformer Tubes
    • Eddy Current Testing of Heat Exchanger Tubes
    • Statutory Certification of Storage Vessels under SMPV (U) Rules, 1981 under Indian Explosives Act