Recent Major Projects

Client Nature of Job Month
Talcher Fertilizers Ltd. Consultancy services for coal Gasification project at Talcher August, 2017
Heavy Water Board, Mumbai Engineering Services Consultancy for Basic engineering and preparation of DBR and DPR for setting up A) Single stream & B) Twin Stream Hybrid Technology Based HWP at existing / new August, 2017
FCIL, Noida Sale of unsusable assets of Sindri Unit July, 2017
RCF, Mumbai Detailed Engineering services, Procurement Assistance and Site Supervision Services for Ammonia-V Revamp project. June, 2017
NFL, Vijaipur Supply of HT shift catalyst for Ammonia Plant. June, 2017
IOCL, Noida Consultancy services for Transmix separator plant at Mohanpura, Jaipur May 2017
ZACL, Goa Consultancy services for ZACL revamp project May 2017
IOCL, New Delhi Consultancy Services for DFR Preparation (Phase-I) and EPCM Services (Phase-II) for setting up of Catalyst Plant at Panipat Refinery. April 2017
RCF, Thal Preparation of Detailed Feasibility Report (DFR), providing PMC Services and EIA study for getting Environment Clearance for the proposed GT-PAC-HRSG project at RCF, Thal March 2017
NFL, Noida PMC (Pre & post LSTK Award) services for implementation of Energy Reduction scheme at Nangal February, 2017
NFL, Noida PMC (Pre & post LSTK Award) services for implementation of Energy Reduction scheme at Bathinda February, 2017
NFL, Noida PMC (Pre & post LSTK Award) services for implementation of Energy Reduction scheme at Panipat February, 2017
HURL, New Delhi Preparation of ITB, Bid Evaluation and DFR preparation for Barauni February, 2017
Adani Group, Ahmedabad PMC Services for implementation of LPG terminal of M/s Mundra LPG terminal Pvt. Ltd January, 2017
SBI, Mumbai Appointment of LIE for 5 MMTPA RLNG terminal at Kamarajar Port, Ennore December, 2016
HFCL, Noida Sale of unusable assets of Barauni unit      December, 2016
IOCL, UPSO EIA & EC of Tankage facility at five locations December, 2016
IOCL, Bongaigaon PMC services for replacement of FEED/ effluent exchanger in Catalytic Reformer Unit November, 2016
HPCL, Mumbai Consultancy services for Karimnagar LPG plant November, 2016
IOCL, Mumbai EPMC for upcoming greenfield LPG bottling plants at Salem - raze & rebuild (Tamil Nadu), Agartala (Tripura), Goindwal Sahib near Amritsar (Punjab), Nagpur (Maharashtra), Malanpur near Gwalior (MP) & Maneri near Jabalpur (MP) November
HPCL, Mumbai Consultancy Services for Karimnagar LPG plant November
HPCL, Mumbai Project Management & Site supervision services at 19 locations November
IOCL, Mumbai Consultancy services for Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management EPCM and allied services for the proposed grassroot Petroleum storage terminal at Asanur Tamil Nadu October
HPCL, Mumbai Site Supervision services for augmentation of facilities under project Utkristh at various locations October
Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Ltd., New Delhi Preparation of ITB Document & Evaluation of Bids for selection of LSTK Contractor and Preparation of DFR for setting up of gas based 2200 MTPD Ammonia and 3850 MTPD Urea Fertilizer Plant at Gorakhpur. October
Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Ltd., New Delhi Preparation of ITB Document & Evaluation of Bids for selection of LSTK Contractor and Preparation of DFR for setting up of gas based 2200 MTPD Ammonia and 3850 MTPD Urea Fertilizer Plant at Sindri. October
SBI, Mumbai LIE for 5 MMTPA greenfield land based RLNG terminal at Chhara Port September
HPCL, Mumbai Technical consultancy services for Purnea & Gorakhpur LPG plants September
ONGC, Ankleshwar Design |Consultancy Services for various works at Ankleshwar Asset. August 2016
JIFCO, Jordan EPCM services for setting up an additional concentration line for Phosphoric Acid Concentration at JIFCO, Jordan. August 2016
South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd TPI services for rural electrification at 10 districts in Bihar. July 2016
ONGC, Rajahmundry Consultancy Services for the project construction of crude oil storage tanks at Gopavaram, Kesanapalli & Malleswaram of Rajahmundry asset. July 2016
DoF, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, New Delhi Providing Services of arranging Man-Power / Resources for DBT Pilot Project of Deptt. of Fertilizers. June 2016
KRIBHCO, Noida Preparation of DFR for the proposed NPK Project at Krishnapatnam. June 2016
NFL, Vijaipur Consultancy Services for Energy Saving Project-II of Vijaipur plants. May 2016
SBI, Mumbai Lender’s Independent Engineer(LIE) services for City Gas Distribution Project of IOAGPL in Panipat, Daman and Ernakulam Gas. March 2016
IOCL, Haldia Design & Engineering Services for ongoing process schemes and Technical specification at Haldia refinery. March 2016
GNFC, Bharuch Consultancy Services for Synthesis loop revamp job in Ammonia plant. March 2016
IOCL, Mumbai Consultancy Design, Engineering and Site Supervision Services for augmentation of facilities at Doimukh Depot, Yupia, Pampure Distt., Arunachal Pradesh. February 2016
L&T, Chiyoda Construction Management, Inspection & Expediting, Stores Mgt., HSE for GACL Project at Vadodara. February 2016
FAGMIL, Jodhpur PMC Services for proposed SSP Plant at Chittorgarh. February 2016
RCF, Trombay Detailed Engineering services for Trombay-V Urea revamp project. January 2016
HPCL, Noida EPCM Services for ATF Pipeline in Delhi December 2015
IFFCO, Paradeep Consultancy Services for Coal Storage Shed of 5,000 MT Capacity December 2015
Kanpur Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd, Noida EPCM services for Urea Revamp Project at Kanpur November 2015
CFCL, Gadepan Revalidation of DFR for Brownfield ammonia / Urea expansion GFG3 Project November 2015
HPCL, Mumbai Design Consultancy for Patna LPG Plant November 2015
IOCL, Mumbai EPCM services for LPG import facilities at Paradip, Odisha September 2015
IOCL, Mathura Consultancy Services for Octamax Project at Mathura Refinery October 2015
RCF, Thal Engineering Consultancy Services for flare separation of front end and back of both Ammonia and Urea Plants at Thal October 2015
IOCL, Barauni Refinery Lining up of Engineering Consultant for Installation of new Flue Gas Cooler in RFCCU unit in Barauni Refinery. June 2015
RCF, Thal Supply of 62 CuM of Methanator Catalyst June 2015
IOCL, Mumbai Consultancy services for Basic & Detailed Engineering, Cost Estimates, Preparation of tender packages- Technical part, Checking and approval of drawing & documents, Site visit and Inspection & other services including assistance in start-up, Commissioning & Performance Test Run for proposed LPG Bottling plant projects at Bhatinda, Punjab June 2015
NRL, Numaligarh EPCM Services for installation of LPG Mounded Bullets at NRL May 2015
Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, New Delhi PMC Services for Cluster Development Programme for Pharma Sector. May 2015
BPCL, Mahul Refinery HAZOP Study for process plants, offsites & utilities February 2015
RCF, Mumbai Conducting Techno-Economic Feasibility Study for installation of Gas Turbine at RCF, Trombay February 2015
REC Power Distribution Company Ltd. Construction of toilets under Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan in the state of Bihar for the district Patna and Gaya January 2015
Amlika Mercantile Private Ltd. Preparation of Construction & Erection BOQ   estimates for proposed Ammonia Urea Fertilizer Complex Project by NFCNL at GRIP Fee Zone , Ogidiben, Delta State, Nigeria January 2015
IFFCO, New Delhi Detailed Engineering Services for Energy Saving Project in Ammonia - Urea Plants at Aonla-I & II, Phulpur-I & II and Kalol units. December 2014
RCF, Mumbai Preparation of DFR, PMC Services for LSTK Contract (Post Award) and Consultancy Services for Balance Item on EPCM Basis for Proposed GT-HRSG Project at RCF, Thal. December 2014
IOCL, Arunachal Pradesh Consultancy, Design & Site Supervision Services for Augmentation of Facilities at Doimukh Depot Yupia, Papumpare Dist, Arunachal Pradesh (Phase-I) December 2014