Sl. No. MoU Details

MOU 2016-17

Memorandum of Understanding between PDIL and Department of Fertilizers(Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers) 2016-2017



MOU dated 17.01.2008 (Mutual co-operation in Pipeline Projects of GAIL)


Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd. and IVRCL Ltd.

MOU dated 28.02.2013 (To work together in securing and executing projects in following areas for various clients: i. Ammonia-Urea Plants, ii. Phosphatic Fertilizers such as DAP / NPK etc., iii. Product Handling Facility for Urea which includes Product Conveying, Bulk Silo and Bagging System, iv. Ammonia Storage & Unloading Facility, v. Feasibility Report for various projects, vi. HAZOP Study for various projects, vii. Water treatment plants such as Raw water / Drinking water / process water, viii. Effluent Treatment Plants Phosphoric Acid & Sulphuric Acid plants, etc.)


Bridge and Roof Co. (India) Ltd.

MoU dated 26.11.2013 (Cooperating with each other to bid jointly for identified projects in the following areas in India and abroad and on award execute the same jointly: i. Product Handling / Conveying Systems, Product Storage Silo, Product Bagging, Loading (wagon & truck), ii. Tank Farm Area (Petroleum, Acid, etc.) and associated facilities, Infrastructures (Institutional Buildings etc.)


Prime SD Engineering Consultants Ltd.

MoU dated 07.12.2013 (To bid jointly for identified projects in the following areas in India & abroad and on award execute the same jointly by working together in providing Consultancy Services for various jobs to be quoted/ undertaken in respect of Design and Execution for various clients)


Global Energy Private Ltd.

MoU dated 13.01.2014 (For Jointly undertaking Projects related to energy efficiency enhancement and conservation viz. “Holistic Energy Cost Savings Services” in different industries like Fertilizers, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Infrastructure, Power Plants, Offsites & Utilities, allied Chemicals, municipal systems, agricultural pumping systems and Utility Demand Side Management (DSM) etc.)


Nass Corporation B.S.C.

MoU dated 19.02.2014 (To pool resources and respective expertise and to co-operate and to bid/ execute for the upcoming projects)


Vimal Fire Controls Pvt. Ltd.

MoU dated 19.05.2014 (For joint cooperation for undertaking Automation jobs)


Tata Power Solar Systems Limited

MoU dated 19.08.2014 (To Jointly explore and develop Solar Power Projects with various corporate, industries and developers)